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Packed With Features


Add expenses on the go

Adding new entries in TravelSpend is quick and easy. It works offline and foreign currencies are automatically converted.

Stick to your trip budget

Keep track of your travel budget and all your expenses. This will help you cut your costs and save money.

Gain insights from your spending

Your spending data is visualized. Analyze your expenses and avoid overspending.

Sync & share

Invite friends or family and organize your budget together. Your data syncs in real-time across multiple devices.

Split Costs

Share your trip with your partner or a group of friends and keep track of who owes whom. Split bills, check your balances and settle debts all within TravelSpend.

Don't worry about currencies exchange rates

Add expenses in any currency. They will automatically convert to your home currency.

Follow your expenses on a map

You can link places and your expenses will be displayed on a map.

Export your data

To create expense reports you can easily export your spending data to a CSV file anytime.