Cost splitting feature introduction

Organize group bills: split costs with TravelSpend

Cost splitting feature introduction

Many of you asked us to implement this feature, and finally, here it is! Whether you are on a sailing adventure, a bachelorette party, or a weekend getaway with a couple of friends or family – we now have the perfect solution for organizing your group trip budget together. The new cost splitting functionality makes it easy and joyful to answer the question: “Who owes whom?”. Here is how it works:

The three friends Julia, Alex, and Stephanie are planning a weekend getaway to the mountains. Julia adds the trip to the TravelSpend app and invites her two friends so they can enter expenses too.

Alex paid for the holiday home already, which costs €200 for the two nights. He enters the category, amount, and a short description. Alex also selects who paid for whom. So he chooses himself (Alex) in Paid by and all of them (Alex, Julia, and Stephanie) in Paid for.

Split distribution screen

Julia and Alex live in the same town, so they share a rental car for which Julia pays €50. Stephanie comes by train and pays for both ways €35 for her rides. This is what they enter:

Transaction detail and split detail screen

When all have arrived at the chalet in the woods, they want to go shopping for groceries together. After having a look at the balance, it makes sense that Stephanie pays for it since she has paid least for the group so far:

Balance view of split costs

The three have a good time together, but sadly all vacations come to an end. In the balance detail view, it is easy to see what each of them paid. Julia and Stephanie both owe Alex some money. They pay him back by cash and settle their debts in the app:

Balance detail view and settle debts view

The feed makes all expenses accountable for later:

Feed with all expenses

We’d love to hear your opinion! Do you like the new feature? Do you have some suggestions for improvement?