A stream in the mountains of Corsica

Road-tripping in Corsica on a budget

A stream in the mountains of Corsica

We’ve spent two weeks road-tripping in Corsica and are absolutely in love with this beautiful French island in the Mediterranean. It offers so many awe-inspiring sceneries from pristine white beaches to impressive mountains with lush forests and crystal clear mountain streams.

Of course, we’ve used TravelSpend during our trip to stay on top of our budget and split costs. Here, we want to share some tips with you on how to discover Corsica on a budget.

Perfect for camping

Thankfully, Corsica does not focus on mass tourism. This is a controversial issue for many Corsicans. Although the island relies on the revenue, its inhabitants are concerned about preserving their already threatened cultural heritage. Therefore, camping is by far the best and the cheapest option to stay in Corsica. There are many cute and affordable campsites in stunning natural settings. We paid between €15 and €30. Our average price per night was €21.

Camper van in a campsite in a beautiful nature setting

Food is expensive

Eating out is expensive in Corsica. A meal for two with drinks costs at least €40 in an average restaurant. We mostly cooked our own meals and ate a lot of delicious croissants and baguettes from local bakeries with cheese and French wine. On average we spent €21 per day on food and drinks.

Best discovered by car

With about 180 km from north to south, Corsica is quite big, and public transport is very poor. So the best way to explore the island is by car, and it’s the perfect destination for a road trip. Fuel prices are a little higher than in Italy, and we paid around €1.40 per liter. So, best to fill up before you enter the ferry.

A stunning lake in the mountains of corsica

Swimming, hiking, and canyoning

Many great activities in Corsica are just free of charge. Like hiking in the mountains, swimming in the ocean or lying at the beach reading a good book. Especially hiking is an excellent way to indulge the pristine natural beauty of Corsica, and there are many marked trails for different levels. For the hardcore hikers, there is the famous 180 km long GR20 trail with 12,000m of elevation gain that crosses the whole island. There even are some decent (wind)surf spots in Corsica, for example, in Capo di Feno and Serra-di-Ferro. For around €20 per hour, you can rent a surfboard or a SUP. Another activity for the adventurous is canyoning in the mountains. There are lots of tour operators, and their tours usually start at €45 per person.

A budget of €50 per day is fine

At first sight, Corsica seems to be on the expensive side as hotel and restaurant prices are very high. But as soon as you compromise and focus more on the beautiful nature which comes for free, it’s easy to make a very budget-friendly road trip. Then, a budget of €50 per person per day is absolutely sufficient. 

A huge tree in Restonica Valley, Corsica