Group of travelers on camels in Morocco

Fantastic travel companions and where to find them

Group of travelers on camels in Morocco

Let us get this out of the way first: Solo traveling can be wonderful. But the things that make it so great – more independence, getting out of your comfort zone, self-reliance – can also be the downsides of exploring on your own. Today’s blog topic: What can you gain from traveling with others, and how do you find the best companions for your next adventure?

Traveling in a group – You will never walk alone

Have you ever heard the proverb: “Shared joy is double joy, shared sorrow is half sorrow”? If not, you have now. It pretty much summarises how we feel about traveling in a group. There is just something magical about sharing an experience with others. The view after a long and hard hike feels a bit more special when enjoyed in company, a cocktail by the beach tastes better after clinking glasses with some friends and you can’t have a night out and call it a party with less than three people (or at least that’s what Andy Warhol says).

Sharing those kinds of adventures binds people together in a unique way. We have started many trips with strangers or acquaintances and came back with a new squad of friends. And with these new friends, you can reminisce about the journey afterward and keep the spirit of adventure alive for a bit longer.

The second part of the proverb is a lot less rosy but crucial: If anything goes wrong, you are not alone. You are not helpless when your phone gets stolen. Someone will accompany you to the hospital if you need medical care. Plus, there is strength in numbers: You are a lot less likely to get attacked when walking back to your accommodation at night when you are in a group.

Money, new experiences and great photos

We try to make budgeting while traveling more manageable with our TravelSpend app, so it might not surprise you that we also consider the finances: traveling in a group will save you money. You can split costs for accommodation, transport and food, and pooling resources will open up possibilities like a private tour guide or group discount deals you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

While you give up some independence when traveling with others, compromises might just make your holiday extra special. Maybe a sportier member of your travel squad pushes the rest of you to sign up for a volcano hike and you get to see a sunrise you would have otherwise missed? Or a more adventurous eater buys some crazy stuff at a streetfood market you would have never tried if left to your own devices?

Finally, for the vain or social media savvy amongst us: You will always have someone to take a photo of you (without carrying around a selfie stick).

How to find your travel squad

You got our point, traveling in a group has lots of upsides. But what if your friends don’t share your interest in medieval architecture and aren’t interested in a city trip to Dubrovnik? Is your friendship circle made up of sun worshippers and beach bums, but you are looking for a skiing holiday? Are you free while everyone else has to work?

We have encountered some of the above scenarios. Luckily we recently met the team behind JoinMyTrip, which strives to provide everyone with the perfect travel buddies. On their platform, anyone can either offer their unique trips or join others on theirs.

JoinMyTrip connects two types of travelers: On the one hand, the so-called TripLeaders, who like to organize and earn extra money. They plan the trip (research and arrange for accommodation, transport and activities) and take the lead once the group has arrived at the destination. On the other hand, there are the TripMates, fellow travelers who love to meet new people and share their travel experiences but prefer to leave the administration to others.

Are you wondering whether you will get along with your group of strangers? You can have a chat with the TripLeader and see whether you are on the same wavelength and would make a good travel team. But to be honest with you, you already have a lot in common: you like to travel, are open-minded and social enough to go traveling with a bunch of strangers and ready for some great adventures – what’s not to like? Besides, a group consists of several travelers, so there will always be someone you get along with. Just wait, at the end of the trip you’ll have a tough time saying goodbye.

We’ve mentioned safety as one of the advantages of traveling in a group. JoinMyTrip has got this covered as well. TripLeaders must verify themselves and the JoinMyTrip team screens every single one of them. Basically, you get the safety and comfort of a conventional group tour, in a way that is more affordable and much more personal and individual.

Now that lacking the right travel companions is not a valid excuse anymore, what are you waiting for? Have a look at what adventures others are planning or put up your own and get ready to meet your new travel besties while having the trip of a lifetime!

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